January 23, 2015

View from Mansei-bashi Bridge

a train viaduct along Kanda-river at night. reflections of buildings and the viaduct on the water

I took this photo on Mansei-bashi Bridge, which located near Akihabara train station.
You can see Manseibashi railway viaduct along the river.
I like the red bricks of the viaduct.

Shooting date : December 2 , 2014.

January 15, 2015

Night Scene of Akihabara Electric Town

buildings with colorful neon lights. a steel viaduct across the street

View of the main street through "Akihabara electric town".
Many electric products shop gather in Akihabara district.
And it is also famous as a center of Otaku culture.

Shooting date : January 3 , 2015.